Frequently asked questions

1. General inquiries

1.1. What was the investment fund created for and what purposes does it have?
Investment funds were initially created for the private persons having the free funds, but lacking necessary knowledge and experience for independent financial instruments trading. Trusting the money to professional managing director’s investors create a source of the passive income with a low risk level.
1.2. What are the advantages of investments into the Fund?
The investments will bring stable high income without intervention/participation of the investor. As investment is extremely difficult type of activity profitable working in this area can reach the fortunate few. If you have spare cash but you have no experience and theoretical knowledge – trust management of your investments to professionals.
1.3. What are the Crypto holding goals?
Our goal is to develop the constant income for our clients worldwide having provided them with easy and available instruments. Our investment offer is a highly remunerative source with the minimum risks and the highest level of service. All our thoughts and efforts are focused on maintenance of our desire to be the best in the field of online investing. To learn more please visit about us pages.
1.4. Who manages the Crypto holding?
Our team consists of group of professional analysts with extensive experience in Bitcoin foundation and stock market trading. Staff is divided into 3 departments which trace all tendencies and changes in several regions for the full and objective analysis of the situation in the world. We try to justify hopes of our investors in successful and mutually advantageous cooperation in long-term prospect.
1.5. Do I have to pay taxes on the money earned in your investment fund?
It depends on whether your country requires you to pay capital gains tax. Crypto holding provides and guarantees confidentiality and undertakes not to send the information on investors to tax authorities.
1.6. How can I earn with Crypto holding?
Everything that you need to do is to be registered and deposit money. The main part of work is carried out by our analysts and managing directors. Every day you can control the status of your account and see the details of your deposit and earnings.
1.7. What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a modern distributed crypto currency. To a newcomer, it may be somewhat difficult to grasp in comparison to other payment systems we work with. If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin, we suggest that you start with its official website,
1.8. Is it safe to invest with Crypto holding?
We at Crypto holding have direct moral and financial interest in keeping the program stable. We do not engage in high risk techniques for any extended period of time and are trying to avoid them altogether to minimize risks.
1.9. Do you accept international customers?
Yes. Our operation is actually international. We do not cater to local clients in our jurisdiction.
1.10. Who can register for an account with Crypto holding?
Anyone may register an account at Crypto holding. There are no requirements or restrictions on membership.
1.11. How are you able to pay those returns?
Crypto holding is one of the most revolutionary and most profitable asset management companies, which generates highly profitable returns and we are happy to share those returns fairly with our investors. Crypto holding was created to focus on generating profits exclusively from the Forex market, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin arbitrage and invest on new start-ups. The advantages of Forex trading are obvious: The Forex market is bigger than any stock, bond and futures markets combined, on the same hand Bitcoin market is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year so these combinations put us as a leader of the Bitcoin investment industry.
1.12. What is Dynamic daily profit?
With the growth of the company's capabilities, will be added new investment lines, that must be more profitable than there is now.

2. Personal account

2.1. What should you do if you have forgotten the password?
For those who forgot the password, there is a password reset procedure. You should go to Forgot password section which is on the page of an account login and then enter the address of your electronic mail (the address on which the account has been registered). After that you will receive your instructions at your email address.
2.2. How to change the personal data in an account?
Sign in to your account, go the Settings section and change the personal data on the opened page.
2.3. How to change the password to an account?
Sign in to your account, go to the settings section and on the opened page change the password.
2.4. How to enter into an account?
If you are a registered user, click Member Log in at the top of a site, and then on the opened form of an account login enter your Email and the password.
2.5. What is the account in Crypto holding necessary for?
As any financial operation is connected with a specific investor, own account on Crypto holding service is necessary for the user to identify it.

The account allows making investment deposits, to derive profits, to trace all operations connected with your account.

2.6. How do I register and start?
Since the system is fully automatic and technologically sound, we do not ask for your personal data during registration. The entire registration process is very easy: you will need to fill out only a few basic fields. Just press the Sign up button on the home page of the website. Once registered, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard.
2.7. May I create multiple accounts on one computer?
No, this is not allowed in the system. Each new account must be associated not only with an individual computer, but also with one and only one physical person. In other words, and individual cannot have multiple Crypto holding accounts. Violation of this rule will result in the termination of all services provided within the system and deactivation of the account(s).
2.8. I share a computer with my sister. Will she also be able to use the system?
Yes, she will, provided that she is not one of your referrals (at any level), nor you are one of hers.
2.9. I forgot which e-mail address I have used for registration in the system. What do I do?
Contact our customer support. Most likely we will need to ask you certain additional questions to verify your identity.
2.10. I no longer have access to the e-mail I used for registration in the system. Can you change the e-mail in my Crypto holding account?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. What we can do in this case is block the account in question and refund all the money invested to the Bitcoin address which the money has been deposited. This is done on an individual basis. Most likely we will need to ask you certain additional questions in order to verify your identity. Additional fees may apply for the blocking procedure and funds transfer.
2.11. Do you share personal account information with any third party?
Absolutely not, unless such third party is the local (in the country of company registration) law enforcement entity entitle to and is serving verified court's order.
2.12. How to import my Bitcoin address into my Crypto holding account?
For security purpose we preferred not to ask for members Bitcoin address during the registration.

Therefore, once you have done with your registration, you will redirect our member’s dashboard automatically, just go to the settings section and import your Bitcoin address.

2.13. I wish to delete my account, how can I do it?
As much as it makes us sad to hear about this, we will be able to delete your account upon request. Request verification will vary depending on your account status with us.

If you have no active deposit, then a delete request will be quickly processed, but if you have active transactions in our system, we will need to do manual verification methods in order for us to complete your deletion request.

2.14. My account has been stolen. What should I do now?
First, use 'Forgot Password' option. If this is not enough, contact us through the contact us form mentioning your personal and account information. Contact us via the email given during sign up.
2.15. Can I update my account's password?
Yes, but you would require to enter your current password to define new password. Go to your account and follow the instructions on settings section.

3. Deposit / withdraw / earnings

3.1. Which currencies do you accept?
At the moment we accept only BTC (฿). Ethereum will be available for replenishment after 10/10/2018, and then we will report on the date of Litecoin implementation. The introduction of other cryptocurrency will be reported additionally.
3.2. How can I make my first investments?
To make investments with us, at first you should become our registered user. As soon as you are registered, you can always enter into the personal account using your Email and password, and make your investments.

You need to click button "Make deposit" in the menu; then send your desire amount in BTC (฿) to the unique Bitcoin address associated your account. Once your transaction gets at least 1 network confirmation, it would appear in your account automatically.

3.3. How many active investments should I have?
Each member has the right to have an unlimited number of active investments at once. Please, visit your personal account to see current status of your account.
3.4. Do you convert Bitcoin deposits to USD?
No, we're accepting and keeping all of Bitcoin deposits in ฿. The withdrawals work the same way: you're instantly getting ฿, without converting them into USD. This way you should not worry about losing the part of your money because of a bad ฿/USD exchange rate.
3.5. What is compounding?
Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal, so that from that moment on, the interest that has been added also itself earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compounding. You may use compounding options to increase your earning with Crypto holding.
3.6. Does my Bitcoin deposit add automatically after sending?
Bitcoin deposits will need to receive at least 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network in order for them to be verified and for our system to automatically activate them in your account. So therefore, Bitcoin is not an instant deposit method, but will be automatic, once the number of require confirmations is received for that transaction. Confirmations required is usually 1 to 3 confirmations before the deposit is added instantly by our system.
3.7. Can I make a deposit from available balance?
Yes, you can do this. Once you have an available balance, this option will automatically appear in deposit section of your account. Just easily follow the instructions.
3.8. Where can I see my profit?
All statistics under your deposits and accruals of profit you can see in your personal account.
3.9. How can I request to withdraw money?
To make request you need to enter into your account and click button "Withdrawal" in the menu then to fill the required information to complete the money withdrawal request.
3.10. Are there any restrictions on the sum on a profit withdrawal?
There are no restrictions on a withdrawal.
3.11. How much is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
Minimum withdraw is as low as 0.001 ฿ (1 mBTC). We just hope that our customers do not bombard our system with hundreds of withdrawals in this amount as this will affect the speed of our operation. Please try to accumulate higher amounts and schedule your withdrawals properly, for us to save time and effort, and for your side to save on fees and receive your withdrawals much faster.
Minimum amount to withdraw by currencies:
Bitcoin0.00100000 BTC
Ethereum0.02500000 ETH
Litecoin0.00200000 LTC
Bitcoin Cash0.25000000 BCH
Dogecoin1000.00000000 DOGE
Stellar100.00000000 XLM
Ripple100.00000000 XRP
3.12. Are there fees when withdrawing?
We do not charge any fee for your withdrawals.
3.13. What are the reasons for a withdrawal that is not processed instant?
First and foremost, you should check your Profile to verify that you have entered your Bitcoin address information. Without this, we will be unable to process your request.

Aside from this, account issues such as violation sanctions and suspensions may cause the delay or halt in processing your request.

3.14. How much time does it take to receive money after withdrawal request?
Most of our transactions are instant, but in several cases it may take up to 48 hours.
3.15. Do you pay interest 5 or 7 days a week?
We pay interest on 7 days a week, include all holidays.
3.16. For what period is money invested in the Fund?
Your investment period defines as 60 days.
3.17. What is the minimum / maximum sum which is may be invested?
There is no minimum or maximum for incoming transaction (deposits) at all but since we have a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 ฿, if you deposit a very small of Bitcoins like 0.0000001, it would take years to reach our minimum withdraws.

4. Affiliate program

4.1 What is a partner link?
To understand which clients were involved by a concrete partner we use the special reference of the partner on which the involved clients come on a site register an account and then make investment deposits. Your link of the partner is in your account. All information on your partners and your referral link becomes accessible in click of the button "Referrals" in the left column of a personal account.
4.2. What profit is received by partners?
If the client, who followed the partner link, has made the investment deposit the partner gains profit at a rate up to 5% from this deposit. Example: your referral has registered using your partner link and has made the deposit at a rate of 1 ฿, at once 5% from this sum appear on yours account namely 0.05 ฿ on available balance.
4.3. Do you provide with advertising materials?
Yes, we have prepared a number of effective banners of various formats for partners which harmoniously fit into any site.
4.4. I have a referral who made a deposit but I did not get commission.
Our company appreciates the efforts of marketers and referrers alike, but we have a very simple rule in order for you to become eligible in making commissions from your downlines. You will need to start with a minimum deposit at least to activate your account for this.

This could be because your downline made a deposit from account balance. You will not earn commission for deposits from account balance.

4.5. How can I involve new partners?
You can find all advertising materials in section “Referrals”; actively placing your referential link and advertising banners in the Internet you can gain additional money.
4.6. Should I have an active deposit for participation in the referral fee?
No, you can earn money in the referral fee without depositing in our company.
4.7. Partnership
A partner is a person officially representing our company in his country. The partner will earn more than 10% of referral commission. To become our partner, you need to be registered on our website and fill in the contact form.
4.8. VIP clients
VIP client is a person who opened deposits in the amount of 5% of the total amount of deposits. (For example: today 07.01.2019, today total deposited 160BTC, 5% from 160 BTC = 8BTC)
4.9. VIP partners
VIP partner is a person which invite investments more 10% from of the total amount of deposits. (For example: today 07.01.2019, today total deposited 160BTC, 10% from 160 BTC = 16BTC) , VIP partner have refferal commission 20%.

5. Security concerns

5.1. Are users accounts secure?
Yes, users accounts data are protected technically (Secure Sockets Layer cryptographic encryption, Hacker-Proof and DDoS protected) and logistically (All user’s data are protected by the Non-Disclosure agreement, which is a part of Crypto holding Terms of Service Agreement).
5.2. How secure is my account information?
We understand that completing an online transaction requires a great deal of trust. We take this trust very seriously, and make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information you provide. Crypto holding uses industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect every interaction you have with us. This protects your password and other personal information.
5.3. How can I tell if Secure Browsing (https) is working?
Once you turn on secure browsing, the address bar in your browser should begin with "https://" Please note that if your browser warns you of a certificate error, it could be an indication that someone is tampering with your connection. Do not continue.
5.4. How can I make my account more secure?

Pick a strong password: Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters, and punctuation marks.
Do not share your confidential information with anyone under any circumstances.
Make sure your email account(s) are secure.
Log out of Crypto holding system when you use a computer you share with other people.
Run anti-virus software on your computer.
Use our extra security features. Think before you click or download anything.

5.5. Which email is it better to use?
You should better use safe electronic boxes such as, and other email providers with good reputation.

6. Customer care

6.1. How can I contact project support service?
In the section “Feedback” there is all necessary contact information.
6.2. Do you offer phone support?
We are currently setting up a call centre account with a provider in England to cater to the services we require. Once this is all up and running, an announcement will be made.
6.3. I have not found an answer to my question here
Use our feedback form to ask your question. We will consider adding it to this FAQ

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